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1.Electricity loading instructions?

Our system will present you with a 20 digit number. This number is typed into the electricity meter in sequence. On entering the last number the meter will either accept or reject the number.

No. It’s your responsibility to manage the balance based on your personal preferences. If you know you will be moving out soon, do not deposit to much money into the meter account.

Yes, but any cash handling fees charged by our bank will be for your account. You meter account will be debited accordingly. We strongly recommend you use EFT or ATM banking to transfer money.

You will have to transfer money from your bank account to our FNB account. You can do this using internet banking. Once the transferred money reflects in our bank account you will be notified at which point you can log onto our WAP portal using your cell phone to request a electricity token. Please note that there is a transition period during which time a deposit will only reflect in our account after 3 days. Please ensure you top up regularly to avoid being without electricity.

The purchasing amount limit per transaction is R500 incl. VAT irrespective of the credit available in the meter account.

It may be that the server did not receive your SMS or that the SMS did not reach your cell phone that was sent from the server. Try sending another SMS. If you receive a reply that we are waiting for bank clearance you know that the token was generated by the system but not delivered to you. This would be due to a GSM network fault. Send a SMS…pin no*last. This will re-issue your last token. Otherwise contact the help desk to assist help you. 0783109307

  • Move device to another plug
  • Make sure all circuit breakers are off EXCEPT the plug where device is plugged in and the main circuit breaker is on
  • Plug unit into neighbour’s plug. Don’t let power run out as a rule, buy enough electricity