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How to Install a Sub-Meter

Remember to

  • Switch off the main circuit breaker
  • Install the sub-meter downstream of the municipal or Eskom meter and main distribution board
  • Each sub-metered apartment needs its own circuit connected from a separate breaker on the main distribution board
  • Protect the sub-meter with an earth leakage and overload protection
  • The sub-meter will regulate power supply to the apartment’s sub- distribution board
  • The sub-distribution board powers the circuit in the apartment
  • Connect the live in and live out and neutral in and neutral out
  • Make sure connections are secure
  • Replace the anti-tamper cover
  • Secure the cover with a unique seal
  • Switch on your main circuit breaker
  • Do not open the anti-tamper cover once the power is restored

Property owners with tenants should contact their electrician or electrical contractor for advice. Prepaid sub-meters are available from most electrical wholesalers and hardware stores. Ensure that the meter you buy is SABS certified and STS compliant.

If the property has been wired correctly, with each section on its own circuit, installing a sub-meter is relatively straightforward and, as they have a wiring diagram packed in the box.