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Smart Meter

Smart Meter

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Taking control of the last mile

British Xabhaya Smart Meter is a system for REMOTELY Controlling, Managing and Saving all your Energy and Water Consumption – with ease. KNOWING where your energy & water is being used and WASTED, plays a huge role in SAVING it!

Whether you are a Municipality, Home owner, Farmer, Corporate Enterprise, Golf Estate or Factory, British Xabhaya Smart Meter is your tool to control and monitor your consumption and set a baseline for your energy and water usage.

Brief overview

  • Be smarterUse
  • Use less energy and waterBe
  • Be more efficientAvoid stiff penalties
  • Avoid stiff penaltiesReduced operating costs
  • Reduced operating costsImprove bottom lineImprove bottom line
  • Improve bottom lineTake control of how and where you spend your
  • Take control of how and where you spend your energy Rands.

Additional functionality of the smart meter

  • Prepaid modePostpaid mode
  • Postpaid modeTime of use
  • Time of use currency (meter loads a monetary
  • Currency (meter loads a monetary value, not units to accommodate for TOU varying charges) Load profile online monitoring
  • Online monitoringTokens loaded automatically
  • Tokens loaded automaticallyGPRS/RF communication with system/data collector/data concentrator
  • GPRS/RF communication with system/data collector/data concentrator
  • system/data collector/data concentrator
  • The First of it’s kind for Smart Meters more control and convenience for our clients. Prepaid Electricity and Water.

Smart meter – remote control dashboard

Remote control means you are always connected to your consumption profile.

Gain access to the dashboard from anywhere using a computer, laptop, tablet of smart phone.

Providing a “state of the art” human-machine-interface (HMI) the dashboard can be customized to individual requirements and provides an immediate and live overview and status of all circuits (devices and appliances) connected to the system.

The dashboard can be easily configured to suit individual needs making energy management simple and effective. Devices can be added, modified, scheduled and controlled with ease.

Real-time overview

The real-time overview displays the following information for every device connected:

  • On / Off status
  • Current consumption
  • Cost per hour of the circuit
  • Schedules
  • Peak consumption
  • Temperatures

“Mouse over” individual circuits provides an overview of data logged for past 24 hours.